How does it work?

After you have downloaded the 4411 app, you activate your account online. You can manage several profiles here so that you can keep business and personal expenditure separated and you can consult your history. Create a 4411 account now via the website.

No transaction costs are linked to a De Lijn ticket bought via the app. A De Lijn bus or tram ticket will be valid for one single journey.

1Choose your ticket type

Open the 4411 app and choose your ticket. Do you want a single ticket? Or do you prefer to buy a ten-ride pass instead?

2Determine the number of tickets

Buy several individual tickets in one go or a ten-ride pass. Note: the individual tickets will apply immediately!


A De Lijn ticket is valid for 60 minutes and does not have to be stopped manually.

The benefits of paying via the 4411 app

Buy a ticket for the bus or tram fast and easily and consult your history at any time.

  • No transaction costs
  • Pay automatically via the linked credit card
  • Manage several profiles (business, private, etc.)
  • Consult your transactions online
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Other services

Paid parking, buying a ticket from De Lijn or charging your electric vehicle? Check!

  • Manage you active sessions in real time
  • Consult your history at any time
  • Find car parks and charging stations fast
  • Several payment options

SMS parking

Are you a Proximus, Telenet, Base, Scarlet or Orange customer? Start and stop your parking session by sending a text and pay via your monthly mobile bill.

Everything about SMS parking

Park via the 4411 app

You can pay for your parking place, electric energy charging and De Lijn ticket automatically with the 4411 app via a payment method that you choose.

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And manage your profiles, vehicle registration numbers and payment options within one app. Each month, you will receive a detailed summary of all your payments.

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