Simple management of mobility costs

4411 wants to simplify the management of mobility costs together with the towns, cities, municipalities and companies that provide services. By combining all costs in one database, you will always retain a transparent overview both as a service provider and as a user. Extremely useful!

Your mobility service accessible to everyone

Do you offer one or more mobility services as a town, city, municipality or company? And are you looking for a user-friendly payment flow? 4411 makes your service accessible to everyone so that you do not miss out on any revenue.

Our Mobility Payment Platform is available via a web interface and mobile app. And it makes managing your mobility service easier.

Define ticket flows

For specific mobility services and determine the prices based on service location, duration of the ticket, etc.

Streamline income

For all your services and accept payments via a bank transfer, mobile bill, credit card, online payments in the browser and direct debit. This can be on the spot or via a monthly cycle.

Manage service prices and payment methods

After loging into our transparent website. Here you will also find a useful overview of all collected data and which payments are still outstanding.

Mobile parking in your town or city?

Did you know that a third of traffic in town and city centres is generated by drivers who are looking for somewhere to park? By tackling parking management smartly, you can create a more efficient and sustainable solution for residents, retailers and visitors.

With the smart parking and payment solutions of 4411 you not only optimise your cost management, but you also increase your urban revenue that you can reinvest in your town or city. Make finding and paying for a parking space easy and people will gladly visit or revisit your town or city!

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Do you want to install and manage charging points?

More and more people are consciously choosing an electric vehicle or plug-in hybrid - and rightly so. Ensure that they can come to you for additional electric energy and help them be on their way quickly. You will attract new customers and increase your income with a charging point at your company.

4411 offers operators a user-friendly service that has many benefits. Our payment system, for example, is based on the OCPP (Open Charge Point Protocol) and offers the highest level of flexibility. You can keep a transparent overview in your account thanks to the extensive reporting options and set the rates based on use and supply.

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Park with Flitsmeister

Easily manage your mobility, avoid traffic jams and pay for your parking spots all within Flitsmeitser.

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Park via the 4411 app

You can pay for your parking place with the 4411 app via a payment method that you choose.

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And manage your profiles, vehicle registration numbers and payment options within one app. Each month, you will receive a detailed summary of all your payments.

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