Park & Ride in Antwerp with 4411

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Big news! We've added no less than 3 new parking garages to our app. From now on you can easily drive in and out via number plate recognition:

  • P+R Linkeroever in Antwerp
  • P+R Merksem in Antwerp
  • P+R Luchtbal in Antwerp

Are you hopping on a tram or bus afterwards? Then buy your De Lijn ticket easily via the 4411 app as well! 🚌


Discover our new payment options

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As of now, we have expanded our payment options, allowing an even wider audience to enjoy the convenience of paying via mobile bill. From now on, in addition to Proximus, Scarlett and Orange, Telenet and Base are also available as payment methods. So you pay your parking costs every time via your mobile bill, via app or SMS!


4411 partners with Parkd to enable automated parking for B2B customers

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At 4411, we are committed to simplifying the mobility experience for our business users. That's why we are excited to announce our latest partnership with Parkd, an innovative parking solution based on track & trace. Is your fleet equipped with track & trace devices? Then this might be for you.

Automatic, efficient and cost-saving
Thanks to the integration with Parkd, it registers exactly when you park and leave a paid zone. Your fleet's parking sessions are thus started and stopped automatically, down to the minute. Forgetting to start and/or stop a session is thus avoided.

Why this collaboration with Parkd?
We believe this collaboration will take the parking experience for our users to new heights. 4411 is proud to integrate Parkd's innovative track & trace technology into our offerings, making parking smarter and more efficient.


Welcome Bornem!

Great news! From now on you can park with 4411 also in the city of Bornem! 🙌🏻

In Bornem you pay €0,50 per half hour parking, with a maximum parking duration of 2 hours. The first half hour parking is free via the 4411 app, you also don't pay a transaction fee 🤩

Please note, a free session can be used a maximum of 1 time per day.


Park in Geel with 4411!

The 4411 community continues to expand. From now on, you can also pay for parking in Geel with 4411! 🤩

Did you know you can park for free for up to 60 minutes using the 4411 app? You don't pay any transaction fees either! 👀
Click here for more information around rates and free parking in Geel:

Parking in center streets

  • Maximum 2 hours parking at €2 per hour
  • Park the first half hour for free with 4411. After 30 minutes your session will automatically become paid. Attention: you can only use this free session once a day.

Parking Pas / Parking Nieuwstraat / Parking Stadhuis / Parking Havermarkt / Parking Lebonstraat

  • €1 per hour or €6 for the whole day
  • Park the first hour for free with 4411. After 60 minutes your session automatically becomes paid. Note: you can use this free session once in the morning, and once in the afternoon.

Short term parking

  • 30 minutes of free parking
  • Maximum 2 times per day
  • You still need to start a session via the app to avoid receiving a fine
  • Short term parking is possible in the streets Pas, Nieuwstraat, Dornik and Verbueckenstraat

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