Simplify your administration with 4411

Are you a freelancer, sole trader or company with a vehicle fleet? Manage your professional mobility costs via the 4411 app and receive a bill on a monthly basis.

You can ignore the pile of receipts for a quarter, but then the moment will have arrived that you must gather your parking tickets and other receipts. No fun since you, as a professional, have better things to do.

The free 4411 business account will change all of this. Combine your parking costs at one location and receive a bill with a detailed statement on a monthly basis. And there is more!

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Save time and prevent administrative bureaucracy. In just a few steps, you can add profiles, mobile numbers and vehicle registration numbers and select your payment method and your account will be up and running.

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Business and private separated

Manage several profiles in your account and keep all costs nicely separated.

Detailed overview

A transparent overview of all transactions for each profile, mobile number or vehicle registration number.

Simplified administration

Say goodbye to receipts! Pay in no time at all and combine all mobility costs automatically at one location.

Monthly bill

One bill that combines all costs and regarding which you can easily reclaim the VAT.

The benefits of a business account

Do you prefer to manage several profiles to ensure that business and private are kept separated? Or do you want to manage the mobility costs of your employees more efficiently? You are in control with 4411.

All costs combined
Add the mobile numbers of your employees and have them make use of paid parking, buy a De Lijn bus or tram ticket or charge their electric company car directly via the company.

In control
Determine yourself when employees can pay via your business account, for example, only during office hours.

A transparent overview
Consult all parking sessions at any time via​​​​​​​ and receive a detailed statement per vehicle registration number or mobile number every month

Monthly statement
Make it easy to recover the VAT thanks to the monthly bill that you can split into parking during office hours and at other times.

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Park with Flitsmeister

Easily manage your mobility, avoid traffic jams and pay for your parking spots all within Flitsmeitser.

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Park via the 4411 app

You can pay for your parking place with the 4411 app via a payment method that you choose.

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And manage your profiles, vehicle registration numbers and payment options within one app. Each month, you will receive a detailed summary of all your payments.

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